We are inclusive to clients across the gender and identity spectrum and sensitive to honoring different races, cultures, nationalities, and faiths.


In order to address the full spectrum of the body we use neuro based approaches such as P-DTR, visceral mobilization, dry needling, craniosacral, and myofascial release to address painful or inefficient patterns that hold you back from the movements and activities you desire to perform.

Trauma Therapy

In trauma work we understand that the body holds energy and reacts to perceived threats as a result of past difficult experiences. As part of our treatments we use body based approaches such as EMDR, NARM, Cellular Release Therapy and embodied movement therapies.

Couples Counseling

Our relationships are often a cornerstone to our overall well-being. We are here to guide you and your partner in deepening your conection and establishing shared meaning to create a relationship that truly enhances your lives.

Pelvic and Abdominal Health

Pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary and fecal leakage, chronic constipation and other gastrointestinal distress, tailbone and SIJ pain, pregnancy and post partum issues are all addressed with our pelvic health program. Because we address your concerns through a trauma based lens we focus on the addressing the root rather than only symptom based treatment. We believe that you are a whole person and base treatments from this perspective.

Eastern Medicine

Introduction to service coming soon.

Therapeutic and Pre-Natal Yoga

Introduction to service coming soon.

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